FILO 2019

FILO Conference is designed for technical artists in the local church, for those of us who are the first ones in and the last ones out. Our goal is to help make us more effective so that our churches can become more effective. This isn't only about improving our skills, but more importantly helping us get acquainted with our identity as followers of Christ.

We are super excited to share the main sessions of the FILO Conference with you. You can watch them live along with the group gathered together at Willow Creek Church in the Chicagoland area, as well as the ability to watch on demand for a limited time after the event is over.

And as a bonus, we'll also make the main session messages available for you to download when they become available.

The FILO Conference is about being a part of a larger community of people like you, and while its not the same as being there, streaming the main sessions of FILO is still an excellent way to reconnect with why you do production in your local church in the first place.
More about the event:
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